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2003. Take Off                  

The Grid, Harborough Magna, Nr. Rugby, Warwickshire

Dorothy Biddle

One Plus Two

Measure by Measure

Repetition 2

Light and Life

Growth, gravity, fragility, balance, continuance. Change, and man's interaction with nature and its balance is ongoing concern. Where possible I use throwaway, discarded or re-usable material. The material often dictates the outcome of the work.

Sally Carpenter

Part of the work involves an investigation of suburbia and its effect on the landscape. Who dwells behind the brick facades?

Joanne de la Salle

My work is about the process of making. I use metal wire to create meshes which may look fragile but can stand the test of time. It's about contradictions, beauty and the harshness of life.

Diana Francocci

"Animal, vegetable and mineral". Fusion of the basic materials clay and wax, with lard, salt and sugar into the fragile, cushion-like forms, reflect the stresses that are placed on and within the body, by the excess of refined food that current lifestyles evoke.

Emma Jackson

Within every unopened box there is a treasure chest of memories to be found.

Doris Lacey

In our consumer orientated society we are progressively bombarded with ideas of what we want by the mass media; magazines and their high technology snapshots of fashion erotica are used to lure and trap. Beauty products and lifestyle magazines aesthetically feed and create personal fantasies with their high gloss images that use the seductive power of women. The paintings reflect the trap of this desire and the desirable.

Laurie Lines

My world is constructed by the colours which feed my imagination.

Alfreda McHale

St. Mary's was commissioned as a maternity hospital in the 1940's and de-commissioned in the early 80's. "Memories Maternal" is a site-specific installation which explores this particular slice of the building's history.

Grace Newman


Using medical materials, I construct highly formal, clinical sculptures that make reference to themes of life , death and illness. I try to create conflicts of emotions and differing tensions such as seduction and fear, power and vulnerability, and comfort and pain.

Angela Stride

My work is based on investigations into brain function and states of mind. Lately I have focused on connection and issues of control, especially when these misfire or fail.

Sally Tissington

From a variety of colourful, sparkling and textured materials, I build miniature, utopian landscapes, which I photograph and then blow up into large prints. My work represents the natural phenomena that could exist on another planet.