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Warwickshire Artsweek  5th 20th July 2008

Our project for 2008 was to create artwork on an allotment plot.

This idea came about through the lack of exhibition space in and around Leamington Spa for local artists.

We have documented the transformation in images:

Raw beginnings

Firewood for Mary

Brick handbag, a rare find by Grace

Dividing the plot

Girls at work


Circus Snail


Resting 1

Resting 2


The Results

The Opening

Deputy Mayor of Whitnash with "The Edge"

Deputy Mayor with Mary

General view

Rosemary Keep

"Missing Rows"

Angel Stripe


Dorothy Biddle

"Feed the World"

"Make your Bed"

Mary Partridge

"Personal Growth"

Grace Newman

"Field of Dreams"

Sally Carpenter

Suburban Scene"


Exhibition details

New collaborative work from contemporary art group "The Edge": D.J. Biddle, Sally Carpenter, Rosemary Keep, Grace Newman, Mary Partridge, Angel Stripe.


Address: Plot on the Edge, Plot 1, Golf Lane allotments, Golf Lane, Whitnash , CV31 2PT


Warwickshire Artsweek is a biannual celebration of the visual arts and crafts held across the county when all artists and craftspeople show their work in a variety of spaces including galleries, open studios and more unusual venues. The week is supported by a range of other activities such as talks and workshops.

Venues hosting artists will receive publicity through the Artsweek website and brochure.

This year, for the first time, Artsweek is being run by the artists themselves.

For more information see www.warwickshireartsweek.co.uk