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Sally Carpenter     Tel: 01926 777332 

E-mail: Sally Carpenter

Website: www.ukartistsonline.com/SallyCarpenter


Rosemary Keep     
Tel: 07879423188   

E-mail: Rosemary Keep  

Website:  www.rosemarykeep.com



Joanne de la Salle
     Tel: 01926 833157    

E-mail: Joanne de la Salle


Grace Newman 
      Tel: 01926 770924 /  07767015428

E-mail: Grace Newman

Website: www.ukartistsonline.com/GraceNewman


Mary Partridge     

E-mail Mary Partridge

Website: www.ukartistsonline.com/MaryPartridgeInstallation


Angel Stripe     

E-mail: angel@stride.demon.co.uk

Website: www.angelstripe.co.uk

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